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[It's early morning on the 12th, barely sunrise. Dew is glinting on the grass, Pidgey are chirping, and the camera is focused on a large bush that looks like it's on the corner of a quiet little street. A Pidgeot is standing next to the bush, leaned all the way down and chirping at something in the bush in a coaxing, reassuring way. The camera wielder is apparently a Lucario, judging by the way it's muttering to itself and the black paw that keeps tapping at the front of the 'Gear.]

[Just what's inside the bush? Anyone watching is going to find out in a second, as the 'Gear is lowered down and shoved through the leaves. Suprise! It's a little kid, no more than eight years old and sporting some familiar wild green hair! A little kid who does not look happy. He was already looking at the Pidgeot with the sort of wary scowl of someone trying to look way more intimidating than they really are, and his eyes narrow further when he sees the 'Gear.]

Hey! I said go away! I could kill you, you know, I'm a monster!

[The 'Gear is withdrawn from the bush with a sad little 'Luuu', and the camera is turned around to face Samus the Lucario, who shrugs. Help??]


[Whether through outside help or just the Pokemon finally extracting him themselves, Envy will eventually come out of his leafy hiding spot. He'll be able to be found all over the city for the entire three days, usually lurking out of the way like a nervous goblin. Even if brought inside by someone responsible, he's a little escape artist and none of you are his master! You can't tell him what to do! He'll find her eventually and then whoever stole him will be sorry!]

[Besides, as far as he knows, he hasn't been outside in so long, and sunshine and fresh air are great.]
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[When the feed opens, it's looking out over Goldenrod City from the rooftop of some high building. Then it turns around to show Envy grinning widely (and a bit wildly) and standing beside his Aerodactyl, who is wearing one heck of an elaborately secure flight harness.]

So, Johto, I've been wondering. Just how fast can an Aerodactyl dive? And today, we're all going to find out.

[The 'Gear shakes and moves while Envy appears to be attaching it into a little buckle contraption on the front of the flying harness and is left there to continue viewing out over the city. A minute or two later, while Envy gets strapped into the harness himself, the 'Gear starts hopping forward, the Aerodactyl's chin dipping into the frame. It gets over the edge of the roof, hangs there for a moment, and with a loud whooping laugh from Envy and a delighted screech from the dinosaur, starts falling straight down. Have fun with the view traveling at high speed towards the street below, getting within two stories of the ground before it makes a sharp angle and flattens out, zooming horizontal to the ground for a good ways before it gets to a more open place, a park from the looks of it, and the Pokemon goes in for a landing.]

[Shortly after the feed has stopped bumping around, Envy hops down and unhooks the 'Gear from the harness, turning it to face him once more.]

As you can see, the answer is pretty damn fast.

[He laughs again, and the feed ends.]
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[When the feed pops up, the entire screen is taken up by a fluffy little Eevee face, one that's not looking very happy. In fact, he looks really worried, and the frantic little chirps he's making will make that even clearer. Once he sees that the 'Gear is turned on, he vanishes offscreen, and seems to have pushed the 'Gear upright from the back so that viewers will be able to see The Problem.]

[The problem appears to be Envy, lying facedown on the grassy ground of one of Goldenrod's many parks. He's holding out one arm in front of him, with leashes wrapped around his wrist. The leashes are attached to five other Eeveelutions, who are just sort of continuing their walk and slowly dragging him across the ground as they play. One of them, an Umbreon, circles back around to sniff at his hair, which is when Envy TALKS. He's actually awake.]

Yeah, I'm still alive. Juuust keep walking.

[He just sounds really lethargic. The Umbreon takes his word for it and goes back to playing with the others.]

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[Wherever you are, in a city or on the road, you may find yourself being approached by a stranger. This stranger doesn’t look like Envy, but like some random local trainer. And, true to form, he stomps up to you, one pokeball out as though he’s about to challenge you to a battle.]

[And then he stops, and in a flash of white light becomes THIS, complete with dancing. Music starts playing along from the bushes, courtesy of a helper Zoroark with a stereo. Who told Envy about rickrolls??]

[Yes, this is how he is choosing to spend his weekend.]
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[There's just a short text from Envy's number today:]

Hypothetically, if you have to use a fire extinguisher on an oven, the oven would still work afterwards right?

[Any of Envy's housemates who came to investigate the mix of angry and then panicked shouting that happened shortly before that text went out will be able to find him sitting on the edge of the couch, with flecks of foam all over his front and in his hair, staring at the door to the kitchen like he'd like to murder it. There's a thick, acrid smoke spilling out of the doorway. It smells a little like oranges. But mostly just nasty burnt food.]

[Looking inside the kitchen will reveal batter covered dishes, a frying pan filled to the edges with a smoldering black thing which may have been a pancake, and a pot that's the source of most of the smoke. It's also clearly what the fire extinguisher was aimed at. No, that wasn't a hypothetical question at all.]

[Envy, in the midst of the frustration, is hoping that he's not going to have to buy Greed a new oven.]
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[Envy's having a little bit of an issue this weekend.]

[Not swarming Pokemon or even teleportation, oh no. Those, he's gotten fairly good at handling. It's weird that these weekends are something anybody could get used to, but he just about has.]

[No, this time the problem is musical. There's a haunting song playing instead of the background music wherever Envy finds himself. It's scratchy and clearly sounds like it's coming out of an old phonograph, and he KNOWS that if he looks hard enough he'll probably find the damn thing somewhere. He knows he will because he DOES keep finding it, smashing it, and getting an hour or two of quiet before it COMES BACK.]

[Honestly, any reminders of his old master aside, he's spent four centuries listening to this waily goddamn song and he's just sick of it. So during the weekend, if anybody comes across him while the song is going, they'll find him pulling up bushes with his bare hands to look behind them and kicking around any spot where a phonograph could be hiding, trying to get it. And Envy will absolutely recruit passersby to help him out.]

[If the song isn't playing at the moment and providing a distraction, he'll be wandering around anywhere, still in the oddly subdued mood he's been in the past few weeks.]
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Prose tl;dr )

[It's just after dawn on Tuesday morning when Envy finally creeps back to the house. He doesn't want to be alone anymore. He probably would have come back the night before...but he's still self-aware enough to know that he doesn't really want anyone to see him like this. Right now, he looks like HELL. Just about like what you'd expect someone who just spent several days in the woods during a rainstorm, barely sleeping and having violent fits against nature.]

[If nobody catches him on his way in, he's going straight to get cleaned up. He's not okay, not by a long shot, but even in this state he can only stand being covered in mud for so long.]

[Later on in the morning, he sends out a text to the network.]

France is gone, for whoever knew him. If anyone got a Pokemon from him, tell me.
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[When Envy turns the video feed on, he's looking more baffled than anything. He tilts the screen down so that it shows the newly-hatched Amaura sleeping in his lap. The problem? He has no idea where the hell this dinosaur even came from.]

Okay, these aren't normally wandering around Goldenrod, and I don't see herds of them outside so it can't be that.

Did someone lose theirs?

[A Vaporeon jumps up onto the couch, next to him and starts grooming the Amaura's head, looking very motherly and pleased with herself. Ah, yes, another child for her how wonderful.]

[Envy sighs and angles the 'Gear back up to his face.]

If anyone did, I sure hope you don't want her back because you're going to have to fight Juliet for her.

[And possibly him too, considering how he's letting the baby sleep on him but shhhh.]
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So we're all from different worlds, right? Whole planets full of millions of people.

So what are the odds that people who know each other show up all the time? They've got to be astronomical, but we can almost EXPECT it to happen.

I'm from one of those worlds that isn't one with Europe and America and all that. And almost everyone who's ever shown up and heard of my country? Either I've known them or someone else here has. And every single one of them has been from the same time period of a few years. Nobody I only knew from, say, a hundred years ago ever shows up.

[Random Joe Notinvolved from Amestris should by all rights appear so why doesn't that happen? This is something he thinks about on and off, but after his conversation with Jimmy the other day, it's itching at his mind again.]

Has anyone else noticed something like this?
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[Well, here's two faces that haven't been seen by anyone since Fourth Wall weekend ended. Envy and Scar are certainly looking the worse for wear between the scrapes, bruises, and what grime wouldn't come off in a Pokemon Center sink, because that's what happens when you're lost in a dark cave for almost two weeks.]

[Judging from the wind and the way their clothes and hair are whipping around them, they're in the air…and stuck on the back of a single Pokemon. Envy is sitting in front of Scar, and Scar is looming behind him and not looking like he quite fits on the back of a bananasaurus.]

[For a second after he opens the feed, Envy's just giving the camera a tired, thousand yard stare. His mouth isn't visible under the scarf he's wearing, so no hints there. But then he snaps out of it enough to say:]

So we didn't die. We're on our way back to Goldenrod now. I'm never going in another cave again as long as I live.

[And he doesn't have the energy for much more than that. THAT'S THE MESSAGE, THERE IT IS. He closes out the feed.]

[[ooc: This is a joint post between Envy and Scar! So Scar may also be replying to threads.]]
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[When the flash of light fades and Envy is once again fully a homunculus, he's…actually kind of surprised, because he's still sitting on the couch in the house, in exactly the same spot he was before. He was prepared to suddenly be anywhere, but not really to be in the same spot. Weird.]

[He gets up, idly changing his form in a few small ways as he does, just for the fun of it, and as he looks out the window he notices flickering blue candleflames all clustered around one spot in the yard. And hey, he's not doing anything else, he might as well go look. What he finds is about fifteen Litwick sitting on top of a knee-high pile of eerily glowing red rocks, very happily nibbling on them as though they were the best hard candy in the whole world.]

[Envy blinks. Turns. Goes back inside.]

[And comes back out to the pile carrying a pillowcase.]

[For the rest of the weekend, Envy can be found pretty much anywhere, but he's very likely to have that pillowcase on him, partway filled with red stones. And he just keeps reaching back in to pull one or two out and pop them in his mouth like popcorn.]

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[This feed goes up not too long after midnight; Envy had just meant to take a quick walk, maybe stop by the Pokemart…]

[That's not what wound up happening.]

[The video shows him huddled under the awning of a shop, with a strange catlike Pokemon clinging to the top of his head and staring with wide, traumatized eyes at the 'Gear. It's kneading at the top of Envy's head and purring anxiously. The dark around him is full of light thumps and mews as things that are much larger than raindrops land on the ground and on top of the awning.]

[Envy just looks a mix of incredibly annoyed and even more incredibly baffled. There are little cat scratches all up and down his arms, shoulders, and even a few on his face. He is studiously ignoring the cat on his head. He already tried getting it off. It didn't work.]

Okay, there's no hurricane this time so what the hell is going on? I haven't even seen this kind of cat-thing before!

[He mutters as an afterthought:] At least it's not sharks.
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[It's snowing today. In June. And as far as Envy's concerned, that is Not Okay, and is grounds to spend the day sulking inside. But Envy also hasn't slept much in the past few days, and sitting around flipping through the 'Gear isn't that exciting. So sometime in the afternoon, he just...nods off.]

[When the feed actually turns on, there's a Clefairy in front of the screen, who chirps happily when it comes on. He moves out of the way, adjusting the angle to show Envy asleep in a chair, curled up in a position that what the hell can't possibly be comfortable. But what might be more interesting is the mound of random stuff carefully piled on top of him. Things like tiny hotel shampoo bottles, notebooks, Potions, a deck of cards, a Zombidoof plushie, a lone Christmas ornament shaped like a pineapple...anything that happened to be in the hotel room and not nailed down, it looks like. There's a Teddiursa, a Murkrow, and a Zoroark who are all ever so carefully adding more things to the pile, all freezing whenever Envy shifts or stirs. The point seems to be how much they can get away with without waking him up.]

[And they're all very proud of the masterpiece they're making out of their trainer, judging by the looks they keep giving the 'Gear. Look, Network, we did a thing isn't it great?]

[...Although maybe someone should wake Envy up before he gets buried alive.]
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[A: Cycling Road]

[Envy hasn't been having a bad time of it, all things considered. He's been teleporting around, but honestly he's almost used to that by now, and he's got his powers back! That's always a plus. Usually when incredibly inconvenient shit happens, it's right off the bat. Right?]

[Not right. Not right at all. It's late afternoon, around the fourth or fifth time Envy's winked out of existence and appeared somewhere else. This time, he doesn't recognize where he is. He's on some kind of wide, flat, steep as hell road surrounded by ocean. And he gets exactly five seconds to look around before he hears the sound of his oncoming doom. Doom sounds a whole lot like a whole lot of wheels on pavement. Apparently, today sounded like a good day for half the cyclists in existence to have a marathon race down Cycling Road.]

[If Envy didn't have his superpowers, he would have had a not fun time getting run over. But since he does have them, he's able to leap twenty feet in the air like the world's most startled cat, and thank goodness there's a big metal support arch there for him to grab onto and haul himself on top of.]

[The cyclists just keep on coming, not in quite such a wave as the minutes pass, but there are still way too many for him to jump down or try to get off the main path. Yeah, he'll be staying up here for a little while. And the longer he does, the more he's deciding on how best to knock over the most bicycles in one go.]

[B: Anywhere]

[Envy can be found just about anywhere, but since this is one of the few times a year he gets to use his powers, he might not look like himself. If anyone watches him walk down the street or route for long enough, they'll probably see him glow bright white and suddenly look like a totally different person mid-stride. He's also up for some gratuitous property destruction any time for any reason at all.]

[There's also some things following him, which he's very deliberately ignoring. They look like…floating tree stumps? There's a few of them, peeking up behind trash bins and lampposts, staying mostly out of sight.]
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[The feed comes on to show the face of a very nervous and harried looking Yamask, holding the 'Gear and looking over his "shoulder". From somewhere offscreen, there's a whole lot of impatient-sounding hissing. Which, for any Pokemon listening in, would translate as:]

Come on, hurry it up!

[The Yamask flinches a little and turns the camera away from himself to show an Arbok and a Serperior, coiled side by side and each looking as impressively cool and collected as they can manage. And decidedly not looking at each other. The Serperior is a shiny, and that gives him an impressive glittering gleam from his tail to his smugly turned up nose. And the Arbok, while not shiny herself, still has every purple scale polished and almost gleaming, and her hood flared out as much as she can get it. The camera lingers on the two of them while they pose and sway to catch the sun on their scales just right. After a little while of this, the Arbok nods curtly and the video swings back around to the Yamask, who fumbles it some before cutting off so that he can send out a text message.]

Hello, my friends here had a question for any trainers who would like to answer. Which of them looks the best?

[And so they bullied this poor guy into doing the camera-work and writing the message for them. If anyone in Violet stumbles across the trio of Pokemon on the outskirts of town, they'll find the two big snakes hissing arguments between themselves and crowding around the Yamask so they can see the answers.]
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[It's early in the morning when a text goes out to the network. It's short and simple; Envy doesn't see the need to embellish it any.]

Katara went home the other day. If anyone got anything of hers, let me know.

[He doesn't want to go adopting any more of her team, he's got two already from the last time she went home. He's not even really sure how he feels about her going home this time. But he figures he might as well ask, she'd been close to hers. And if she comes back, she'll want to know where they are and he doesn't want to get a lecture for not bothering to ask.]

[For anyone in Ecruteak, Envy can be found anywhere around town in the morning, wandering the streets without any real goal in mind. Well, save for occasionally telling the Ninetales walking by his side to send an overpowered Flamethrower at some of the wild city Pokemon. But by noon he'll be gone from the town, flying his way towards Mahogany.]
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[Envy appears to be having some kind of trouble today. The camera is pointed at him, either propped up on a table or being held by something. He's in a hotel room, and he's standing..strangely. His back is bent, and his arms are bent out away from his sides…it looks like he's covered in something heavy, but there's nothing there. Nothing except for three bright red zigzags hovering in midair, and if you looked very closely an area where the air looks different. There's also a Ninetales circling closely around his legs and growling and yapping indignantly at whatever the invisible things draped all over Envy are. A Houndoom's excited barks can be heard somewhere off camera. Envy's teeth are gritted as he nearly glares at the camera, because really? Really?]

I have some Pokemon to sell. They just hatched. They're two thousand each, so send me that and you'll get your own very friendly invisible lizard.

[He shakes one of his arms lightly, and startles the Kecleon clinging to it into visibility. It lets out a whining "Keeeeeh", which Envy ignores.]

And here's what they actually look like. So--

[If he had more to say, he doesn't get to, because with a visible target the Ninetales swings around to yap at it, and the 'Gear is knocked over and off by her many tails.]
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[The feed comes on to show Envy's face, and he looks like he's in a remarkably good mood today. He also looks like he's standing about thirty feet up in a tree and attached to a climbing harness. All around him are other trees with rope bridges and platforms and fun stuff like that.]

I didn't know there was some sort of tree-climbing adventure park out here, it sure wasn't here the last time I came to Azalea.

[You know where else doesn't have tree-climbing adventure parks or ziplines? Amestris. So now ziplining is going under "surprisingly good ideas modern humans have", right up there with paintball. Not even it being pretty chilly could stop him once he found out it was here; he's just wearing layers and a jacket. And earmuffs. He doesn't like being cold, okay? But there's another reason for this video. He reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a Hive Badge, showing it off to the camera.]

Got this this morning, though. It was an easy win, but now I've got all eight of the Johto badges. Now maybe when I fight the ones in Kanto they'll let me have battles that are actually challenging.

[Offscreen and down below on the ground, there's a faint shout for him to put his 'Gear away while on the ropes course. He frowns and looks like he's about to make some sarcastic comment back, but then the person shouts again that if he doesn't comply with the rules he'll be removed from the park. So he sighs, shrugs, and shuts off the feed for now. He'll just have to respond to any replies when there's nobody watching.]
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[When the loud crack sounded and the flash of light blinded him, Envy was expecting it. He's gone through this enough times that he's been expecting for the past week.]

[He was not expecting to suddenly be giant, serpentine dragon. He was also not expecting to have teleported to the top of the Goldenrod Radio tower, on top of the Observation Deck. The metal creaks and groans alarmingly under the sudden weight, and Envy wraps himself halfway around the giant antenna so that he doesn't just spill over the side from any sudden moves. Why oh why when he decided to take on this form back in his world, why he hadn't he given himself any arms?]

What the hell.

[It's not a question, he knows exactly what the hell. And while to him it's an angry mutter, it's actually not all that quiet coming out of a dragon. In a few moments, once he gets his bearings, he realizes that he could just transform back to a normal, human size and shape at any time. But on the other hand…there were an awful lot of giant monster movies on TV in October giving him ideas. And it's not like the natives will remember this if he just terrorizes them a little bit first.]

[So instead of changing back, he starts getting himself down from the Radio Tower, wrecking half the thing on the way down and landing on top of the train station, breaking right through the roof of it. He can't fly in this form, but it's not like moving through the streets like a giant monster snake and smashing his tail into walls isn't just as fun. Oh, he'll turn back into a person. Eventually.]

[ooc note: Your character is free to run into Envy being a giant movie monster in Goldenrod, or anywhere if you'd also like to run into him as just himself!]


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